Lab members attend and volunteer at AIAA Space Forum 2018

Graduate students Quentin Fouliard and Johnathan Hernandez participated at the 22nd AIAA International Space Planes and Hypersonic Systems and Technologies conference held in Orlando, FL from September 17-19, 2018. They attended talks related to hypersonics and took the opportunity to network with renowned experts in the field present at the event. In addition, they collaborated with AIAA UCF and NASA to set up interactive booths for the Generation STEM event which was part of the conference’s program.

Johnathan Hernandez (left) and Quentin Fouliard (right)

Lab members Khanh Vo, Sandip Haldar, Kyle Rushton, and Alexander Olvera volunteered at Generation STEM hosted by Lockheed Martin to engage and stimulate middle school students’ interest in the field of aerospace engineering. They worked with Asst Chief Engineer Teresa Kinney from KSC NASA to assist with her and Dr Raghavan’s Structural Dynamics technical committee booth as well as the AIAA UCF student chapter booth in the setup and the activity. The activity at the structural dynamics technical committee booth involved practical applications of dynamics in structures and the use of Chladni plates to explain the concepts of dynamics and vibration modes.

Pictured from Left to Right: Khanh Vo, Sandip Haldar, Erik Durnberg, Teresa Kinney, Alexander Olvera, and Kyle Rushton.

With AIAA UCF student chapter, they also demonstrated the benefits of the opportunities offered within the club and showed how kids can get a head start into the aerospace industry.

Lab member Quentin Fouliard partook at ICPT18

Graduate Student Quentin Fouliard participated in ICPT18, the 1st International Conference on Phosphor Thermometry held in Glasgow, UK, on July 25-27, 2018. Quentin presented a conference paper titled “Configurations for Temperature Sensing of Thermal Barrier Coatings” in which initial results on an optimization method to select rare-earth phosphors based on their thermo-mechanical and optical properties were discussed. He took this great opportunity to exchange knowledge with experts on Phosphor Thermometry and to share with them his findings as well as collecting suggestions for future improvements on this research.

Quentin is in the fifth position from the right in the furthest row.

Quentin is currently working on a project that is funded by the US Department of Energy and deals with the implementation of advanced instrumentation techniques for accurate temperature and stress monitoring on Thermal Barrier Coatings.