Laboratory EQUIpment

IN SITU INSTRUMENTATION COUPLING RAMAN and photo-stimulated Luminescence spectroscopy (PSLS) with LOAD

MTS Insight 50 system with compression and tensile testing capabilities up to 50kN

The experimental equipment in our laboratory complements our research goals relating to in situ characterization of aerospace materials and structures using spectroscopy. Standard systems and developed instrumentation help us to achieve this. The theme of the overall instrumentation further aims to enable multi-scale characterization of materials. The above image shows the overall set up including a Renishaw Raman RM-1000 spectrometer with a 532 nm laser source and CCD.  The system is capable of performing standard microprobe-based analysis with 10X, 20X and 50X objectives for micron level studies.

Renishaw’s remote RP-10 compact probe facilitates spectroscopic measurements outside of the microprobe set up. In spring 2010, a senior design team coupled the remote probe to an MTS Insight 50 Electro-mechanical testing system giving us the unique capability of taking spectral data in situ with high resolution compressive or tensile loading. The multi-objective fiber optic probe was integrated with an x-y-z stage to enable focusing on samples during compression or tension. Key capabilities include automated stress mapping of samples based on Raman/Photo-stimulated luminescence peak positions. Data from both Renishaw’s WIRE® and MTS TestWorks® were correlated through numerous integration programs to enable the overall system to perform piezospectroscopic measurements seamlessly.

Renishaw’s RP10 fiber optic probe on an x-y-z stage emits laser spot on an alumina sample under compression